Jazz City

Jazz City

In an editorial in the Hartford Courant on July 14, 2017, an unnamed reporter questioned our city’s motto: “Hartford Has It”. It’s a motto that poses the question “Has What?” It brings to light that Hartford is a city that is searching for it’s identity. The article goes on to point out our popular jazz festivals that have endured decades, a club scene featuring live jazz jams, and local high schools and colleges with robust jazz programs. The editorial concludes:

“If Hartford is looking for an identity, it should stop trying to reinvent itself and instead build on one of its biggest cultural assets. It’s jazz, and Hartford has it.”

Read the Hartford Courant editorial here.

How can we cement Hartford’s identity as “Jazz City”? One way is to support the jazz scene in the Greater Hartford area by becoming a member or donating to the Hartford Jazz Society. We produce Monday Night Jazz and two other concerts each year plus the Jazz River Cruise. We also provide college scholarships to students who wish to embark on a jazz career, and other activities that spread the love of jazz music art and culture to Hartford’s community. I can think of no better way to support and promote Jazz as Hartford’s true identity.


photo by Maurice Robertson

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I was turned on to Jazz music during my college days in the 70's. Now spreading the love of this art form with my radio show on Friday mornings WWUH 91.3 FM and podcasting at http://jazzandbeyond.podbean.com . I am also active as a Board Member of the Hartford Jazz Society and webmaster for this site.