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Dancing to Latin Rhythms at Monday Night Jazz

If Monday night in Hartford wasn’t sultry enough, Latin jazz rhythms turned up the heat in Bushnell Park for another very large and musically enthused crowd. Starting with Heshima Moja and Ofrecimiento’s “Afro Cuban Blues,” featuring Moja scat singing against the beat of David Allen Rivera’s conga drumming, the African and Caribbean influences were infectious. [...]

Native Americans in Jazz—Present and Past

The purpose of this post is to illuminate the contributions of Native Americans—present and past—to the art form we love:  Jazz. This is an important subject that has not been given adequate attention in the published jazz histories we are most familiar with. Yet, as the sources below make evident, these contributions have been authoritatively [...]

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Jazz City

In an editorial in the Hartford Courant on July 14, 2017, an unnamed reporter questioned our city's motto: "Hartford Has It". It's a motto that poses the question "Has What?" It brings to light that Hartford is a city that is searching for it's identity. The article goes on to point out our popular jazz [...]

Monday Night Jazz Kicks Off the 2017 Season

by Lisa A. Chase photos Maurice D. Robertson Kitty Katherine Paul Brown must have been smiling down on Bushnell Park as Kitty Kathryn and the Paul Brown Tribute Ensemble kicked off the Monday Night Jazz Series’ 50th anniversary celebration. Accompanied by Norman Gage on baritone sax, Alex Nakhimovsky at the piano, James Daggs [...]

Welcome to the HJS Blog

Welcome to the Hartford Jazz Society Blog. Members of the Hartford Jazz Society are invited to contribute to this website through our blog. We are looking for articles about jazz music, history and art. Of particular interest are local concert and album reviews and articles about local jazz musicians from the Greater Hartford area. If you [...]